Escorts or Online Adult Dating?

Escorts or Online Dating

Sometimes it is fun to try something different. I love seeing new faces, hot sexy women, but do want to pay for it or get it for free? Do you want to call a Niagara Falls Escort or try a local booty call with one of the thousands of sexy horny willing Niagara Falls singles? is free to try. Hook up with real profiles locally then make that first contact. It is deeper, more arousing than just a booty call, it is

Niagara Falls escorts are a sure thing, but local booty calls offers you no strings sex and variety. See how many sexy people you can meet this week. Give local booty calls a try.

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Back to School Dating In Niagara Falls

Free Adult Dating Online

Back to school in Niagara Falls means many students leave their home town to travel to college or university. Hearts are breaking with the thought that a long distance relationship might not work. With summer ending, the memories of hot July and August sex fade but not the wanting inside these student hard bodies. September is the best month of the entire year to get laid in Niagara Falls, chances are tripled that that hot stranger will say yes, over and over again.

That is why online dating is available for all these lonely hearts to hook up. To increase your percentage of having great sex. Most online adult dating sites are free, some cost as little as $30 a month (like taking a date out for one meal) and members are dating and fucking all the time.

The Niagara Falls generation is rising that sex is good, online is a great forum to express who you are and what you want. People are hooking up for everything, shared drives, rock climbing, jogging partners, music interests, and a lot of sex.

Students are the largest increase of members in September so if you are a student, or a person who loves to fuck a college girl, this is the time to join.

Below are a list of Niagara Falls adult dating sites: get laid tonight. Great both all sexes!

Asian Sex Adult Dating

XXX Match

Sex Search

Man Play 4 Men

Passion Search

Cougar Sex Club

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Escorts and hotter weather – are they connected?

With spring comes romance, but what happens if you are single? Do you try online adult dating like or do you call an escort? Is the spring fashion and lack of heavy winter coats? Perhaps it is the short skirts and the newly tanned bodies? Whatever the reason, i am horny every spring for something new.

I think escorts must have a higher call volume in April. May and June. You know, the month that it is not too hot to have wild, wet, and passionate sex. With everyone advertising they are a GFE, life is as good as it gets.

When i find an escort i like, i definately like to see her more than once. Many escorts, try to hustle you for that one appointment to be as fast a they can be, rush you out the door, and book another client. However, sometimes, one can get lucky and find that one that is fresh, unrushed, a true GFE and appreciates the joy of a repeat client. Is it too far off to hope that friendships can form between you and the escort? I truly believe that most escorts are lonely.

So when the hot weather comes, I am escort hopping until i find just the right one.

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Falling in Love with a Niagara Falls Escort

Many of us won’t admit it, but we are a little like women. That is, sexual relations, even with an escort can pull our emotional heart strings. Yes, admit it. Men have feelings too. So how does it happen? For me, a hobbyist, who plays the field, I found a Niagara Falls escort who I wanted to see more than once. Now I know at the beginning, she only sees me as a client and not her boyfriend. She is a working girl and not expecting anything but as I see her over and over again, approximately once a week, I notice her feelings emerging too. Perhaps it is just my wishful thinking.

Let me describe her. I believe she is new to the industry because I have never seen her ads before. Niagara Falls is a fun town but a small town and I browse all the ads. She is 21, at least that’s what she tells me. She has all the right curves with just a touch of baby fat, and the most beautiful smile. She advertises herself as a Niagara Falls GFE but that means different things to each of us. She allows me to kiss her, deep kissing. She lets me dine at her “Y”, and she licks and sucks my cock bareback (BBBJ). So how did I fall in love? Was it the combination of being inside her and kissing her? Was it the repetition over time of feeling comfortable with her? Was it the long on-going conversations of us sharing each others thoughts, needs, and goals.

I can’t put my finger on only one thing, it just happened. So what now? Does that make me her sugar daddy? Should I stop seeing her knowing that we can never have normal? I know some guys have escorts as girlfriends but I never thought I would be one of them. I haven’t even told her how I felt. I am afraid it may scare her. We have started to entertain ourselves out of the bedroom for dates such as dinner and a movie, or an evening at the Niagara Falls Casino, a club or bar. I only pay a set fee per week now, not by the hour. Am I being played or did I play myself? How did I let this happen? I fell in love with a Niagara Falls Escort.

I want to take her away from all this. I am the fool. Escorts and love, is it possible? I have put a lot of thought into my situation. I have a couple choices but know if I go on, I can not share her. I have made up my mind. I will see her for six more months, then ask her to be just mine. I will mentally prepare myself to walk away alone with that small ray of hope that she says yes. For now, I enjoy the fantasy I am caught in with my Niagara Falls GFE, my sugar baby.

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Online Dating Staying Connected

In Niagara Falls, one out of three relationships are connected to the Internet, from online adult dating, to chat rooms to exchanging emails before you meet. People are connecting online so how do we stay connected after we meet. Relationships are not about getting a small gift, flowers or a box of chocolates, although they are nice, it is recognizing what makes you happy when you are together.

What makes you smile when you think of your partner? What were you doing? Was it a bike ride on a Niagara Falls bike path, a romantic walk by the Falls, it might have been simply cuddling, feeling warm and safe. If it is an activity, do you both like it? If it was a new activity, ask yourself, did you give it a fair chance? Was there a reason your partner wanted you to try it? Shared activities make strong relationships. If there is something you love a lot, explain it to your partner. Share with them why it is important. Perhaps it is as simple as talking a few moments out of each day and just lying next to each other and talking.

Now for men, yes, giving a small gift to say you are thinking about your partner is always a good gesture. Women on the other hand can spice it up with wearing something sexy underneath. Gifts work too but men are receptive to sexy surprises.  Maybe you want to cook him supper wearing only a few skimpy items or perhaps nothing. Perhaps you want to dine once a week at a favorite Niagara Falls restaurant.

Both partners need to share their needs and wants. Communication is important. Be active and stay connected.

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Holiday Dating is easier than most times

With Niagara Falls fall colors and cold winter nights, local Niagara Falls singles are on the prowl. Nobody wants to be alone for the holidays. Even the thought of a small gift exchange can open the door to potential relationship with one who would normally play hard to get. If you are single, this is the time to connect. Online dating gives you that opportunity. Most dating sites for adults include features such as live chat, instant messages, and more.

Grab your camera for an autumn stroll. Enjoy the first clean blanket of snow with your new partner. There is something special about being outside this time of year. Romance is in the air. Reserve a nice table for two at a restaurant. It’s the holidays and the rules change. People are tying the knot faster. Small gifts bring sweet joy and are less awkward. Everybody is giving.

Some single moms look forward to having someone help through these financial hard times of gift giving. Without going overboard, you could be someone’s special little Santa. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. On the other hand, a way to a women’s heart is an act of kindness or generosity. It is not what you give, it is the thought of giving. Single moms welcome of the sense of family during these times. Don’t get caught up with hesitations. Is it too early to exchange gifts? You are not obligated. Perhaps you only went out once or twice, but maybe she is already giving you hints. Does she linger at a book in the local book store? Does she mention that she recently lost an article of clothing or wishes she had certain things. Remember certain gifts have different meanings. Jewelry means a sense of seriousness while lingerie implies time in the bedroom. Go with neutral but meaningful gifts.

Take advantage of the season and beauty of Niagara Falls. Enjoy a carriage ride, skating, sledding or driving around looking at Christmas lights. Perhaps you could go away to a ski lodge for a weekend. Many people don’t even ski enjoy the special time together and the relaxing atmosphere. Adult dating has never been easier. Everybody is full of emotions. You can almost guarantee yourself if you are dating by the 15th of December, then you will be together for New Year’s Eve. It is like a long train ride. However, right after the holidays, watch out for the curves.

It is sometimes better to just enjoy the ride. If you plan to far ahead, it may stress you out. Be yourself, give within your budget and let the opportunities unfold by the moment by themselves.

Happy Holiday Dating – Join for FREE

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An inside view of a Niagara Falls Escort

As an escort, many people judge us without even trying to understand what we go through. I just started in the escort business and my first call, I was extremely nervous. Butterflies in my stomach, heart pounding I opened the door to his apartment. A man in his 30’s greeted me with a smile and an envelope. He smelled clean as though he just showered in preparation for our meeting. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the check introducing myself. He offered me a drink which I declined before we made way into his bedroom.

The appointment was an hour long. Some girls do half hour appointments. Some do up to 24 hour appointments on special request. For my first appointment, the gentleman told me what he wanted and I granted all his requests. From his smile and his promise that he would call again, I knew he was happy. I now realize repeat clients are my favorite, a bond develops, a trust.

Now not all calls are like that. I have made several thousand dollars escorting and at times the client had to be reminded not to be rough. We are not property; we are young ladies that can help make your fantasies come true.  It’s ironic I hear my clients constantly showering me with compliments, telling me that I am beautiful, and sweet rather than hearing that from the boyfriends I previously had. They make me feel good, my boyfriends do that at the beginning but then take me for granted and forget the value of a kind word or two.

Now I know some escorts waste their money on drugs and alcohol; I DO NOT. I believe in saving, which helps as I don’t like to work every day, sometimes a girl needs to have fun. And I’m just like any other girl turning 20, I love music, getting my nails done, and going for a nice meal.  Motorcycles, water sports, and movies are also on my top ten list of things to do.

So am I a bad girl? Does escorting make me different? If I walked by you or met you in a club, would you know that I have a secret life? On the outside, I know I look normal and it may be hard to believe but there are lots of girls that escort, all for different reasons.

I try to keep my personal life separate from my work. However the people I hang around with at work  treat me like part of their family. For some girls like me we didn’t have great childhoods, there was always something lacking.  There was abuse , alcoholism and violence. There were sleepless nights and now that I am an adult, I want to be loved, to be strong, and to have a sense of security.  I do like the kind words clients say to me, and of course, I like the money.

They say money can change you, but for now I feel good and I am saving for my future when all this will all behind me, “my dirty little secret”


If you have a personal experience you want to share, email it to:

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Would you date a Niagara Falls escort?

Would you date a Niagara Falls escort? The quick response from most guys is no, then they start thinking. What if their girlfriend is already an escort and they dont know? What if they called a Niagara Falls escort and fell in love with her and as some guys do, and they want to save them from this lifestyle? What if they dated a Niagara Falls Escort and their future was filled with threesomes?

To begin, there are a lot of  Niagara Falls Escorts that do escorting part-time. Some escorts are students, models or just someone who loves fast money. Niagara Falls escorts come in all shapes and sizes, from blondes to redheads, from 18 years old to ladies in their 50′s. Some escorts view it as a real job and have a website, touring dates in other major cities like Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal. Some escorts work independently or with an Agency such as College Kittens, Cute Angels or Something like that.

When escorts advertise, some advertise 15 minute specials, early morning specials, the high end escorts advertise dinner, and fine dining. Their escort sites advertise the cost of 24 hr calls, 3 hour calls, and travel by the week for cruise ships or hot far away destinations.

I have been asked before if I would date a stripper with the understanding that there is no sex in the champagne rooms, but that is not the same as asking if I would date an escort. The question gets complicated because escorts can be anyone and there is an assumption that sex may happen behind closed doors. So who are these escorts?

If you are sitting in a college class with 50 students, 18-21 years old and half are women, at least two or three of those college girls will be escorts. The key here is discretion. Student Escorts work afterschool, at night, or on the weekends. Most guys dont know and some of them have dated escorts and never found out.

Personally I have been around escorts when they would receive phone calls from their boyfriends. Immediately the female escort goes on the attack, not caring that she has been already on three calls. “What do you mean where am I? Are you with someone? Who are you with? Dont lie to me?”

Deflecting the interogation back to the boyfriend, he doesnt stand a chance of busting her, or getting any info out of her. He will never know that he is dating an escort and always getting sloppy seconds or thirds. Does the future hold happily ever after or herpes? Now one may think dating an escort is an isolated thing but in reality, there are thousands – hundreds of thousands of escorts, and most of them have a boyfriend of some sort.

Relationships are about trust. If a female “escorts”, and is honest to her boyfriend that she sleeps with men and couples for money, does that mean he can sleep with women on the side too? Sounds like a perfect equation for an open relationship? Wrong. Most escorts rationalize that they are sleeping with men for money and that implies a job, therefore it is ok. So men, start charging women a toonie for your time and you can start filling your piggy bank. Wrong again, you will be single – but maybe that is better than having a one-sided relationship.

The other part of dating an escort is finances. If they are making all this money for doing these bedroom gymnastics, then is she saving it for something useful like college, a car or a vacation with you, or does she spend it on drugs? If the answer is drugs, then ask yourself would you date a drug addict cause that is a different question. Most escorts are weed smokers perhaps but less and less of them are on hard drugs.

In concluding, my honest response to, would I date an escort, is yes. Not in every case, but depending on the person behind all the beauty, the circumstances, and the future outlook. I have dated an escort in the past and besides a few trust issues, she was the most fun I have ever had with anyone in my life. If she reads this, she will know who she is. Fun is a big factor of life and also the threesomes, and there were lots.

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Diary of a Canadian Porn Producer

Hello, my name is Ray Wolfe, and I have been producing Adult Film in
Ottawa for ten years. I know I am not Hugh Hefner but he is one of my
icons. I have lived an awesome life and am still living it so I thought I
would share it.  I have been on TV shows like Ed the Sock and even had
Ed the Sock and his crew partying with me at my house in Ottawa. I
appeared as a judge on Kenny vs Spenny and now have a TV producer
from Toronto wanting to do a show on my life ( see my facebook)

Breanna                              Spenny                                  Ray Wolfe

For the TV show, I am already casting as seen by Breanna top left,
the show is main stream and I cant say much more  ….. until it airs.
Occassionally I will hit an Ottawa bar and invite some hottie to be
apart of it – cause the cast is going to be sexy.

People can be wild and life is like a weekend. So let me tell you about
the wild people, the moments that are amazing, let me tell you about
a life around PORN.

From Porn Star parties, to body painting and wet t-shirt contests, I have
partied with some naughty hotties. I love the people I meet, the places I
go, the threesomes and the crazy sex with people I barely know. Some
new stars want to do adult film to be famous, others have been in
escorting and porn is just the next step. There is so much to say, but I
will try to keep it short and have weekly updates to this blog. I have
numerous websites with solo and multi-model layouts.
My favorite is Minxxx Studios, a multi-girl site, with many models
from Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

Ray Wolfe & Patricia Petite

Patricia Petite is from Montreal, is very fun and real. She came to a Ski
Lodge for a weekend and filmed three times. We had 6 female stars there
and filmed an entire DVD in three days. French stars seem to enjoy their
work more because even off camera, they ran around naked and “got wild”.
Personally speaking, Patricia looked great as a red head, you be the judge.

Brooke           Ed the Sock                 Ray Wolfe

Ed the Sock in person is great. He is down to earth and gave my phone number
(613-371-9653) to Kenny vs Spenny when they needed someone in Canadian Porn. Ed liked Brooke so much, he couldnt take his eyes off her. By the end of his visit,
she had a job as a dancer on his TV show.

Lena Bacci & Ray Wolfe

Lena was a very sexy young 20 year old lady from Montreal. I remember
filming with her, as her boyfriend watched. He was a little intimidating as
he arrived on a Harley and had a scar down his face. He stood twenty feet
away as I awkwardly slipped my cock into his girlfriend wondering if was
going to fight me when it was all over. He didnt and Lena was heavenly.
It was one of my first movies. Now I have three DVD series and
distribution around the world.

I am always looking for a new star, thats the fun thing in my life
I love – meeting new sexy stars. Now, not all the people I meet
are porn stars, but they all are sexy and remain friends for a
long time.

Zeina Heart & Ray Wolfe

Kelly Summer & Ray Wolfe

I now own a webcam studio. The model above
posed for this picture in my backyard, actually she was in my
backyard a lot. Summer seemed to be an excuse to skinny dip in the
pool. To see more of these sexy models from Ottawa, Niagara Falls,
Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, visit
So for now, that is just a taste of my life.

Next blog release will be “Lanny Barbie” – Canada’s Hottest Porn Star.

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Niagara Falls Erotic Massage vs Escorting

In Niagara Falls, there are different opinions regarding the choice of erotic massage vs escorting. Which one would you call? Personally i think they are both good but for different reasons. With an erotic massage, men who are the typical the people that call, dont want to cheat on their girlfriends or wives, and they want that stress release that doctors tell them is good for them. As for Niagara Falls, I love this growing city of the night.

With an erotic massage, the therapist makes the room comfortable with scented candles and music. Warm oil is applied to the body in long, sensual strokes, every muscle is touched and pleasured. The man normally is extremely happy at the end and relaxed, ready to go to work or home to his spouse without the feeling of guilt.

Occasionally, one might believe there may be an offer for extras, topless massage, nude massage, reverse (when the man massages the therapist) and perhaps half service. These extras makes the line grey that seperates erotic massage and escorting. Again, when I visited a Niagara Falls Massage parlor, I was definately pleased with the choices.

Along with her soft hands, the masseuse  will use her legs, hips, breasts, nipples and buttocks to stimulate her partner’s skin. The happy ending is not rushed, when the masseuse is finished with the man’s back and shoulders, she will ask him to roll over, then caress his front. Then and only when both masseuse and client have bonded, she will fondle his penis from the glans to the base, also fondling his testicles with the other hand. This ultimate release, this catharthsis, will ride waves of pleasure through the man’s entire body. A warm wet cloth is provided to the man, and all is well that ends well.

Women also on occassion call a massage therapist, sometimes they call for a women because they want the intimate feel of their soft hands, and sometimes they call for a man, yearning to be touched by a man, again without the feelings of guilt and regret. 

To compare when a man chooses an Niagara Falls escort instead of a erotic massage, who knows what happens behind closed doors. One might assume that there is understanding of sex. With Escorting in the News, independent escorts that work for themselves advertise full service, open minded, GFE which implies a “girlfriend experience.”  GFE implies or promises that the escort will treat you like you were her boyfriend, their is expected a higher level of intimacy and comfort.

When Niagara Falls escorts use the term PSE – Porn Star Experience, there is an expectancy of almost wild and taboo sex. It is priced as a premium.  Niagara Falls Escorting and Erotic Massage is the world of making fantasy a reality, it is what most people are not getting at home. We want to feel something new, fresh, for the first time agaib - the first kiss with a stranger – the nervousnous of being new again.

There are many decisions and many choices, enjoy whichever is best for you. Let go the feeling of guilt, life is meant to be fun. To help you understand it more, here is a list of tems used by some escorts and clients:

They use terms like
AMP = Asian Massage Parlor
ATM = Ass to Mouth
AWO = anal with condon
Anilingus = kissing and penetration of the anus by tongue
B&S = Bait and Switch, advertise a beauty and send you a ….
Babyback = petite, young and attractive escort(normally an asian)
Bareback = without condon
BBW: big beautiful woman
BDSM = Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism.
Cowgirl – Woman rides on top during intercourse. Facing man.
AC/DC = bisexual
GFE = girlfriend experience
PSE = porn star experience
COB = Cum on Body
COF = Cum on face also known as Face Painting
LFK = light french kissing
CBJ = condon blowjobs
BBBJ = bareback blowjobs
CIM = Cum in Mouth
DATY =Going down on the female, dining at the Y.
DATO = Oral stimulation of the Anus
DDG = Drop Dead Gorgeous
FBSM= Full Body Sensual Massage
69 = Fellatio and cunnilingus. Partners perform oral sex on each other at same time.
Russian = a tit fuck bewteen her breasts
TRIAD = threesome
VFM = Value for money

This list is not exhaustive, there are more but these are the main ones.

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