Would you date a Niagara Falls escort?

Would you date a Niagara Falls escort? The quick response from most guys is no, then they start thinking. What if their girlfriend is already an escort and they dont know? What if they called a Niagara Falls escort and fell in love with her and as some guys do, and they want to save them from this lifestyle? What if they dated a Niagara Falls Escort and their future was filled with threesomes?

To begin, there are a lot of  Niagara Falls Escorts that do escorting part-time. Some escorts are students, models or just someone who loves fast money. Niagara Falls escorts come in all shapes and sizes, from blondes to redheads, from 18 years old to ladies in their 50′s. Some escorts view it as a real job and have a website, touring dates in other major cities like Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal. Some escorts work independently or with an Agency such as College Kittens, Cute Angels or Something like that.

When escorts advertise, some advertise 15 minute specials, early morning specials, the high end escorts advertise dinner, and fine dining. Their escort sites advertise the cost of 24 hr calls, 3 hour calls, and travel by the week for cruise ships or hot far away destinations.

I have been asked before if I would date a stripper with the understanding that there is no sex in the champagne rooms, but that is not the same as asking if I would date an escort. The question gets complicated because escorts can be anyone and there is an assumption that sex may happen behind closed doors. So who are these escorts?

If you are sitting in a college class with 50 students, 18-21 years old and half are women, at least two or three of those college girls will be escorts. The key here is discretion. Student Escorts work afterschool, at night, or on the weekends. Most guys dont know and some of them have dated escorts and never found out.

Personally I have been around escorts when they would receive phone calls from their boyfriends. Immediately the female escort goes on the attack, not caring that she has been already on three calls. “What do you mean where am I? Are you with someone? Who are you with? Dont lie to me?”

Deflecting the interogation back to the boyfriend, he doesnt stand a chance of busting her, or getting any info out of her. He will never know that he is dating an escort and always getting sloppy seconds or thirds. Does the future hold happily ever after or herpes? Now one may think dating an escort is an isolated thing but in reality, there are thousands – hundreds of thousands of escorts, and most of them have a boyfriend of some sort.

Relationships are about trust. If a female “escorts”, and is honest to her boyfriend that she sleeps with men and couples for money, does that mean he can sleep with women on the side too? Sounds like a perfect equation for an open relationship? Wrong. Most escorts rationalize that they are sleeping with men for money and that implies a job, therefore it is ok. So men, start charging women a toonie for your time and you can start filling your piggy bank. Wrong again, you will be single – but maybe that is better than having a one-sided relationship.

The other part of dating an escort is finances. If they are making all this money for doing these bedroom gymnastics, then is she saving it for something useful like college, a car or a vacation with you, or does she spend it on drugs? If the answer is drugs, then ask yourself would you date a drug addict cause that is a different question. Most escorts are weed smokers perhaps but less and less of them are on hard drugs.

In concluding, my honest response to, would I date an escort, is yes. Not in every case, but depending on the person behind all the beauty, the circumstances, and the future outlook. I have dated an escort in the past and besides a few trust issues, she was the most fun I have ever had with anyone in my life. If she reads this, she will know who she is. Fun is a big factor of life and also the threesomes, and there were lots.

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